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The selfishness & dishonesty of the African President

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By Madi Jobarteh

So, Ali Bongo shut down the internet soon after elections but when he was kicked out by his own cousin general and fellow soldiers, he asked the world to make noise for him.

How can the people make noise without the internet? Knowing that very well, he shut the internet when he needed to silence fellow citizens. But then when the tables turned against him the same man came around asking people to use the internet to make noise for him. What a selfish and dishonest man!

To further demonstrate his selfishness and dishonesty, in his call for noise, he cannot think of anyone but his wife and son. The fact that throughout his misrule just like the dictatorship of his father, the Bongo family caused many wives, mothers, daughters and sons and fathers to shed blood and tears.

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For example, in 2019 when students went on massive protests, his government responded with deadly force that left many sons and daughters jailed and killed and thereby causing many wives and mothers crying. But Ali Bongo does not care about those fellow citizens. He is only interested in his own wife and son. What can be more selfish and dishonest than that?

In his video, Ali Bongo calls on his friends and people to make noise. What noise? For what? To who? He wants people to call on the international community and the international organizations and powerful individuals to come to his aid.

But Ali Bongo and his father have been notorious for jailing and torturing Gabonese citizens because they claim those citizens are foreign-backed agents. But here is Bongo calling on citizens and foreigners to make noise for him.

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This is the dishonesty and selfishness one can see across African leaders. They can call on foreigners to come help them. But when their oppressed citizens get help from the same Western governments and human rights organisations they arrest and charge you for threatening national security or label you as an unpatriotic citizen.

We have seen it here when Yaya Jammeh shut down the internet just to attempt to silence citizens and steal the elections. But today he is using WhatsApp to speak to his supporters. He used to label journalists and CSOs as foreign-backed agents hellbent on destroying the country. But today he is enjoying the safety of a foreign government.

Adama Barrow took the baton from him to also harangue citizens as arsonists while labeling Gambian diasporans as troublemakers. When he used to depend on social media and in fact praised social media for the 2016 change, today he threatens social media and its users as enemies of the state! When Solo Sandeng led a protest without a police permit and Barrow and all the political leaders defended him, today his government maintains that same obnoxious law by forcing citizens to seek a police permit or risk arrest and imprisonment!!

Chei!! Only God knows from what kind of material He made African presidents!!!

In Senegal we saw the same selfish and dishonest behaviour in Macky Sall who is also notorious for shutting down the internet. The same goes in Togo under the tyranny of Faure Gnassingbe, or Cameroun under despot Paul Biya or in Congo Brazzaville led by tinpot dictator Denis Sassou Nguesso. The list goes on!!!

Therefore, it is obvious that the biggest selfish and dishonest ingrate in Africa is the African president. They have no values whatsoever! They are ready to suppress and destroy their people just to stay in power to continue to plunder their people and country!

Gabon is not still out the woods because General Nguema is a member of the Bongo family. He is an integral part of the oppressive regime and therefore he is not someone to bring about change. He is another tyrant who must be confronted and kicked out.

Gabon must be free. Africa must be free!!

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