Man gets 20yrs imprisonment for abduction and rape


By Aisha Tamba

One Alagie Ousman Ceesay has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for abducting and raping a 16-year-old girl.

Mr Ceesay had abducted the girl at Westfield and kept her in his house in Bakau for nine days.


According to court records, the 16-year-old girl was sent to buy cash power at Westfield and while on her way back, a taxi driver pulled over near her. She said Mr Ceesay then placed a handkerchief on her mouth, covering her nose as well.  She said he then put her in the taxi, and took her to his residence in Bakau, where he raped her continuously.

She said Alagie lives at the corner of the compound where people don’t normally go or hear her shout.

She said on the third day when the Ousman left for work, she opened the door and tried to escape. She said an elderly man tried to help her. She asked him for credit to call her step mum but when Ousman saw them, he brought out a knife, and then the elderly man got scared and left.

She added he threatened her that if she tried to escape again, he would kill her and her father. She said Ousman also told her that he knew where her mother sold water at Westfield.

She further revealed that the following day, he came back from work, with his friend and they smoked cannabis in the room and Ousman told his friend that he wanted to marry her.

She said her stomach ached when her period started and she stained the bed sheet. Ousman then asked her if she was not pregnant and then continued to drink alcohol and smoke cannabis and then fell asleep.

She said around 5am, she opened the door quietly and left the house.

On her way home around the stadium, a taxi driver, who recognised her, saw her walking and called her name. She said the driver then took her home.

She said when she reached home, her family questioned her but she could not explain because she did not want to be exposed.

She said her father took her to Bakau police, where she was questioned and she told them that Ousman kidnapped and raped her. The the next day, she was taken to the hospital where she was examined.

She further testified that she limped because her legs hurt.

She said she never knew Ousman before the incident, and it has really affected her. She said she now does not go out even when her friends are going to the beach.

Her father said when he went to ask if his daughter bought cash power, a man at Nawec looked at the computer and confirmed the transaction at around 7:30pm.

He said he later went around police stations in Kanifing Municipality and some media houses to announce that his daughter has gone missing. 

Alagie Ousman Cessay was found guilty on both counts  before Justice Mboob of the Bakau high court.

She sentenced Mr Ceesay to 5 years imprisonment for abduction and 15 years for rape.

The state was represented by S.O Sibbie. Mr Ceesay was represented by M Barrow.