Mansa Sumareh advises NPP to dissolve entire executive at congress

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By Amadou Jadama

Former State House chief driver Mansa Sumareh, a supporter of the governing National People’s Party has called on the party leader and delegates to completely dissolve the current Executive at next week’s congress.

Speaking to The Standard, Mansa added that the delegates must also be left alone to do their own election of officials without interference.


He said this is necessary because “we are not happy with the way the recent village, ward, constituency and regional congresses were conducted because  we noticed  that there were lot of misleading and tribal things about to surface in the party and therefore, we have to come together and address those issues. The president should think critically because they have given him the wrong information,” Mansa said.

 “Let him dissolve the entire current National Executive if not, I don’t see any future for the NPP. People must also be free to contest for positions and not allow negotiations for positions because this is a democracy,” he advised.

Mansa said some people are projecting themselves as important to the party when they cannot bring people to the party. “Such people should not be given positions and the NPP must ensure that all tribes are represented in the executive,” he said.