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Marie Sock urges peaceful solution to Niger crisis

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By Alagie Manneh

Politician Marie Sock has said the Gambia government should be advised that a peaceful solution is the only option to resolving the crisis in Niger.

“As a Gambian and an African, I would advise that our position on the Niger crisis be that of peace and unity. The Gambia should take the lead and advocate for peace in Niger. We are part of Ecowas, and so far, four countries from the region have decided not to go to war in Niger. I think that is great, and I think that is the way to go for The Gambia as well,” she told The Standard.

She said it is about time for Africans to put war on the backburner and unite to ‘secure our resources’.

“In order to do all that, unity is key. We cannot fight for our resources to be taken and used anyhow. When we fight, it has to be for a just cause, and for our people. This is why I am appealing to all the heads of state to advocate for peace in Niger,” Ms Sock said.

What Africa needs at this momen, Ms Sock added, is a ‘fair deal from the west’.

“Africa needs industrialisation – what they [the west] went through until they are so developed today. And let’s face it, most of these countries were developed on the backs of Africans, so, it is high time Africa developed on its own. Our youths that are going overseas and breaking their backs for these countries should be staying home and breaking their backs for their home countries instead. We need industrialisation, and we need to expand.”

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