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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Mayor-elect Lowe speaks

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By Lamin Cham

The first elected woman mayor of Banjul Rohey Malick Lowe has extended the olive branch to all her eight opponents, calling on them not to hide their brilliant election manifestoes and other ideas but to join her to develop the city of Banjul.

Speaking in a Standard exclusive, Lowe who beat a large field of 8 other candidates to become the first elected woman mayor of Banjul, said all the candidates have something to offer and her doors are open to all of them at all times in their collective efforts to transform Banjul to a city worthy of its status.
“I have decided to invite them all as guests of honour to my inauguration and they deserve such a place because of the patriotism they have shown in exercising the rights in the last elections,” Lowe said.

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According to Mayor-elect Lowe, her victory also marks another turning point in the empowerment of women and it must be a celebration for all Gambian women.
She said in the coming days and weeks, she and her team at BCC will get down to work starting with a major sanitization of the Banjul market.
“It breaks my heart when I discovered there is not even a decent toilet at Albert Market for women and others,” she lamented.

The new mayor said she will stick by her manifesto and vision for the city as well as open her ears, heart and mind to other ideas or persons interested to develop Banjul.
“I intend to motivate the BCC Staff through a proper restructuring so that staff there can live a decent life and execute their functions properly,” she said.
The Mayor-elect thanked her campaign team and supporters as well as her opponents for a tough fight and a brilliant campaign.

“We are all like little ants who will fight over what to pick, forgetting that all what they are picking is going to the same hole,” she concluded.
Rohey Lowe, daughter of a former Mayor Malick Lowe, is the first woman to be elected as mayor of Banjul.

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