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Meet Gambia’s new Ministers

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By Alagie Manneh Ten ministers have so far been appointed in the new government drawn mainly from the political parties that formed the 2016 Coalition that wrest power from APRC of Ex president Jammeh. The most senior and prominent of the new minster is Lawyer Ousianou Darboe who became Foreign Minister while the charismatic Hamat Bah of the NRP is the new tourism minister. They full list of the appointees are: Ousainou Darboe – Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hamat Bah – Minister for Tourism and Culture, Omar Jallow – Minister of Agriculture, Mai Ahmad Fatty – Minister of Interior, Henry Gomez – Minister of Youth and Sports, Lamin B. Dibba – Minister of Forestry, Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources, Dr. Isatou Touray – Minister of Trade, Regional Integration and Employment, Amadou Sanneh – Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, James FP Gomez – Minister of Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly Matters, Lamin N. Dibba – Minister for Lands and Regional Government. The ministers who took the oaths of office Wednesday, also swore to secrecy and allegiance to the Republic, and are to start work right away. The new President Adama Barrow in welcoming them said a new Gambia has been born now and that all and sundry are welcome. He reiterated his campaign promise of a free and independent media, telling journalists “we want to be very friendly to the media.” He welcomed his new ministers to the “new era in the political history” of the country and urged them to work hard towards transforming the new Gambia into a developed country. The new minister of Trade, Regional Integration and Employment, Dr Isatou Touray, urged patience as ‘they work to “deliver the Gambia that we all desire”. She also thanked the Gambian Diaspora, saying without them they wouldn’t have come this far. Ousainou Darboe, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gambians Abroad and International Cooperation took time to return gratitude to President Barrow for his trust. “The oath of allegiance enjoins all of us to be faithful to the Republic of The Gambia and to help you [President Barrow] in shaping the destiny of this country faithfully”, he told the new president. Darboe promised that he and his colleagues will in turn work to ensure that they don’t abuse their positions. ‘We will ensure that your vision and the vision of each ministry are achieved. We realise the transition period is short, but the Gambia that we all yearn for will be built. We will work with you to overcome all the challenges. We realise the expectations are high but not unachievable. We pledge our absolute loyalty to the Republic and to your Excellency,” Darboe said.]]>

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