Minister: CCM Successful but…


While addressing participants at the closing ceremony, she stated: “I encourage participants to keep up the good work. We would not have achieved progress on the education targets without collective efforts. There are plans underway to include the entire education sector on board the Coordinating Committee Meetings. I am very happy with the increased enrollment of members in the area of programme implementation at the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (MoHERST) to the CCM .There is no other way we can move the sector agenda without working together. I didn’t expect anything less given the fact that we have been through this several times in various regions because each time we go to CCM, we learn something new and it is now time to go back and try to implement the best practices in our own individual ways”.

Baboucarr Boye, the permanent secretary at MoBSE, explained: “The date for the next CCM is October 20, 2014. The meeting was successful from overall points of view. We have seen from the reports the improvements that are happening in the schools despite the challenges. I would like to take this opportunity to enjoin principals whose schools were visited to work on their individual school reports ahead of the next CCM in response to the areas requiring improvement with a view to improve the learning outcome for the students. I must acknowledge that the number of participants from their sister ministries including MoHERST and other partners to the sector has expand because they have also found out the CCM is a visionary idea”.

The meeting witnessed the selection of Region Two as the next venue for the event. This decision was made through a balloting procedure presided over by Mr Boye. 



By Ebrima Bah in Mansa Konko