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MLP CEO calls on youth to tap into ICT

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The chief executive officer of MLP Tech Solutions has urged young people to take advantage of the limited opportunities in the country by tapping into the technology sector for self-actualisation.

Himself a young man, Modou Lamin Puye said young people have the potential and talent to earn a decent living in the country, if only they turn to ICT and eschew the perilous ‘back-way’ in search of so-called greener pastures.

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He tasked them to realise that it takes determination and commitment to be self-employed.
“I founded MLP Tech Solution with the help of Mr Bye Malleh Wadda, the vice president of Gam Africa Institute for Leadership (GAIL). He gave me the opportunity to kick start my programme in order to create job opportunities for the youths,” he told The Standard.
Mr Puye’s Solutions works to offer various services including but not limited to training and guidance for students, IT services, computer installation, networking and design, laptop setup and installation, laptop repairs, software upgrading, business cards and logos, graphic designs and others.
“My ideas can be emulated by well-trained and hardworking young entrepreneurs,” he added.

A computer specialist, Mr Puye touted ICT and entrepreneurship as the corner stone to national development.

“We envision adding value to the national economy because we cherish development and encourage advancement. MLP Tech Solutions can be the solution to IT and computer problems in the country,” he said.

He called on the private sector to patronise their business. “What we offer at MLP Tech Solution are cheaper and standard services. We wish to create employment opportunities for youths,” he said.


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