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Tuesday, October 20, 2020


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Prosecutors charged that Ebrima Jallow caused the death of one Sulayman Janneh by striking him on the head with a wooden axe in Manjai Kunda last December. 

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Appearing before high court judge Emmanuel Amadi in Banjul, Mr Jallow was seen talking to himself. His hands were cuffed as he entered the dock.

“He is not very well,” the chief prosecutor, Barkun Saleh, informed Judge Emmanuel Amadi who in turn asked a prison officer what was wrong with the accused.

“He is always misbehaving and goes around talking to himself at the prison. He is sometimes violent,” Kalifa Bojang replied, before the judge ordered that the accused be taken to the hospital for medical examination.

When the accused was asked to step out of the dock, he tried to rush out of the courtroom insisting that the handcuffs be removed from his wrists.

Three prison officers grabbed him and placed a shackle around his legs after a long struggle.

In a similar but separate case, one John Fernandez has pleaded not guilty to a single count of murder. 

He is accused of causing the death of Alasan Jammeh by hitting him with a stone on his head last year at the Father Farrel Memorial Hall at Westfield. 

The trial will begin when the case resumes on April 21.


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