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NACCUG donates D115, 000 to GTUCCU

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By Aisha Tamba

The National Association of Co-operative Credit Unions of the Gambia on Saturday donated one hundred and fifteen thousand dalasis (GMD 115, 000. 00,) to the GTUCCU at the official inauguration of GTUCCU Teacher House two in Brikama.
The general manager of NACCUG said the inauguration of this edifice, being the fourth in a space of only three years, further epitomizes their strategic desire to enhance financial inclusion in The Gambia and make affordable financial services accessible to every Gambian.

“Thus, there is indeed every reason to celebrate as this is another milestone achievement for the credit union movement as a whole and GTUCCU in particular. I therefore wish to congratulate the leadership and entire membership of GTUCCU for believing in and pursuing a worthy course.
“Furthermore, this occasion is not only a joyous celebration of the inauguration of another service outlet, but it is also an opportune moment to demonstrate our solidarity and continued unwavering support to one another when the tides seem rage against us. We would all recall, with deep regret, the cowardly and barbaric attack on the GTUCCU Regional Branch in Farafenni few months ago. An unpatriotic act by some unscrupulous elements, who out of their misguided zeal and insatiable lust for ill-gotten gain, decided to break into the Farafenni branch to rob the hard- earned monies teachers faithfully kept to build the future for their families.

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“However, while the GTUCCU Board of Directors struggled through those trying moments, the credit union movement demonstrated solidarity by handsomely donating to ensure that every single butut lost in that tragic incident was adequately replaced. In other words, the credit union movement stood as a shock absorber for GTUCCU to uphold our credit union principle of cooperation amongst cooperators.
“Today, I am indeed happy and proud to preside over the presentation of a cheque in the sum of One Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Dalasis (GMD 115, 000.00) being the amount stolen during the robbery. I therefore, salute the happy family for their swift response to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters,” he said.
The general manager of GTUCCU said, the day marks another milestone and for those who fortunately kept the organisation in view from inception.

Achievements like this one are thrilling to say the least, so let us look back and give thanks to Allah our creator for us and look ahead in order to muster courage and hope that our future envelops opportunities for the lives of Gambian Teachers to improve, he added.

He added that, the credit union you saw grow over the years currently boast of 108 members of staff.
“We operate seven regional branches located in Basse, Brikamabaa, Jarra Soma, Wassu, Farafenni, Barra and Brikama Kombo Central, in addition to our headquarters, teacher house in Kanifing institutional layout.
“We have been able to construct customised office structures for our operations in Basse, Brikamabaa, Jarra Soma and Brikama Kombo. Brikamabaa was officially inaugurated yesterday 29th June 2018. Farafenni, Barra and Wassu operate from rented properties but the good news is that this week, the management committee approved funds for work to commence on our Farafenni property with a difference. Farafenni will be the first to have reasonable accommodation attached to the office,” he said.

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