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NAWEC poles: Safety concerns


Every institution or company should have some form of policy on the safety of the people it is dealing with – its staff and the public in general. This is something that should be kept in view as the safety of the people is very important. Every effort must therefore be made so that no one loses life or limb in accidents caused by negligence on the part of the company or institution.

In the past few days, reports on some social media have revealed that a goat died after being electrocuted on an electric pole belonging to the National Water and Electricity Company (Nawec). The same platform also has it that an elderly man was hospitalized after a similar encounter with a pole. This is a health hazard which has to be taken care of soonest.

It is the responsibility of every company or institution to make sure that their products or their tools of production do not cause death or any harm to the people of the community it is serving. If such happens the company should – or may be – held liable and may be sued for damages. The highest standards of safety should therefore be put in place at all times.

It is perhaps strokes of luck that prevents such accidents from happening frequently in this country. In some areas, one can observe these tools used by Nawec exposed in such a way that if any child or even an animal touches it, it may result in a disaster as what is reported in Brikama.

In fact, it is not only Nawec but many, if not most, of the institutions or companies in this country do not have good safety standards. There must be an institution that is responsible for maintaining these standards. Government must ensure that whoever is in the country is safe and secure and that avoidable accidents like this do not happen to you or your children.

Another issue which needs to be addressed is the bursting of water pipes around the country leading to a huge loss of water and therefore revenue. When this happens, people will be going past it for a long time and nothing is done about it. Usually, it is the passing of vehicles, particularly heavy-duty trucks, that causes these pipes to burst. Most people will just ignore it saying that it belongs to government. They forget that it is the people who are the government.

More needs to be done in the area of safety in all institutions and companies. If it is in the advanced countries, everyone will keep this in mind as people are used to suing for damages and the courts may fine companies huge sums of money to compensate victims of such accidents.

So, Nawec and all institutions must up their game and ensure that the highest standards of safety are put in place. 

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