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NCP splinter group urges Barrow to step down

By Amadou Jadama

The National Convention Party splinter group led by Yaya Sanyang, has told The Standard that President Adama Barrow should “respectfully and honourably step down” at the end of his three-year term.

Sanyang argued that Gambians voted him in office on the promise of heading a three-year transitional government.
“A good politician should always stick to his promise. Politics is an honest game;it is not about fooling people. Barrow needs to get the people’s blessing to extend his mandate. These include the coalition parties. The group [headed by Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang] that went to State House to extend President Barrow’s mandate to five years is not inclusive of all coalition members. I’m concerned because there are differences among the coalition members and those who went to State House are not 100 percent representative of the coalition and therefore cannot speak on behalf of the coalition.

“Some have decided to stay away for one reason or another. For the NCP, we were represented by Badara Sidibeh. I was not informed that the meeting was taking place. I was sidelined. Personally, I had my reservation about extending his mandate because it was mutually agreed between all the coalition members and the flag bearer at the time, Adama Barrow, that he would commit himself to a three-year term. No one forcibly put that into his mouth. He willingly agreed and now he wants to renege on his promise.
“People think that politics is about fooling and telling lies to the people, and telling things that will not materialise is wrong. I don’t subscribe to that kind of politricks. Politics should be about honesty. Your word should be your bond. Reneging on your promises and pronouncements is not honourable and is breaking a code of conduct.”

Sanyang contended that the constitution allows a president to relinquish power “and there is nothing to stop Barrow from doing that”.
However, the other NCP faction headed by Majanko Samusa has publicly backed President Barrow in his intention to stay in power for five years.

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