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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

New Justice minister sworn in

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The new Attorney General and Minister of Justice Dawda A Jallow, was yesterday sworn in at a ceremony presided over by President Barrow at the State House in Banjul.
Speaking of his character, experience and integrity, President Barrow said the appointment of Mr Jallow came at a time when his government is solidifying the democratic foundations built to establish a just and peaceful nation, marked by the rule of law, respect for human rights and human dignity.

“Given his training, experience and character, I am confident that Honourable Jallow’s presence in cabinet will be productive, and will further enrich our discussions and decision-making processes for the advancement of the nation,” he noted.
Reflecting on the appointment of Abubacarr Tambadou as part of the first cabinet appointment of his government three years ago, President Barrow described the former Justice Minister as a selfless person who not only made a name for himself but as well left behind “an indelible mark” on the country’s legal reform programme.

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While appealing for Gambians to unite and be law-abiding, President Barrow observed that the diversity of the country should be a source of inspiration, pride and strength in building peace and strengthening social cohesion, instead of breeding hate or hostility.
Mr Jallow gave assurance that under his watch, the Ministry of Justice will continue to support and provide the necessary leadership to ensure that the transitional justice process reaches its logical conclusion.

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