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New Sukuta ward councilor speaks

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Lamin Burr Sanyang, the newly elected Councilor of Sukuta ward has vowed to continue his community service for the ward without any discrimination. Sanyang who beat three candidates to win the seat for the UDP said councillorship has found him to be a volunteer for the cause of the community. “I have long ago cultivated the attitude of working for humanity, as witnessed by many years of collaboration with international charities which brought meaningful assistance to youths, orphans, religious groups and schools across my community and beyond. I will continue with this. Our people say the snake is the first to answer the call for all to lie down,” he said, recounting a local proverb.

Sanyang also thanked his party leaders, supporters as well as his opponents calling his victory a success for all. “There is no loser in any elections. It is process for people to agree to who will lead them so everyone who took part in the process is a winner. Candidates are like a group of tiny ants who will contest over what to carry but at the end of the day all of them take their goods into one hole,” Sanyang said.

The councilor said he is open to all and his mantra is Trouble Free. “I have never insulted anyone, even an opponent in my political campaign and will not do so as councilor,” he concluded.
Lamin Sanyang scored 3055 votes, one of the highest scored in the recent election. His opponents Lamin Boyo Cham, Independent received 1151, Bintou B Colley APRC 326, and Fanta Sima GMC 47 votes.

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