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NPP opens applications for candidate selection

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The National People’s Party (NPP) yesterday announced that applications for the party’s sponsorship for councilors, chairpersons and mayors for the coming local government elections, are open.

The party said those interested to contest for the party’s ticket in any of the positions can do so from 17th to 24th January.

“Applicants for Ward Councilors are to submit their application to their respective NPP Ward Chairperson, while applicants for Mayor and or Area Council Chairperson are to submit their applications to their respective NPP Regional Chairperson.

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All applications must be accompanied by a copy of a valid voter’s card of the area of residence where the prospective candidate wishes to contest. All applicants must satisfy the constitutional and electoral law requirements to be eligible for election,” the party said.

The following Wards are to be filled by NPP, APRC and NRP:

(1 )Banjul: all Wards are to be filled by NPP

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(2)KM:  all ward except  Abuko, Bundung 6 Junction, Tallinding North, Ebo Town  and Kotu/Manjai Ward which will be for APRC candidates.

3)West Coast Region (WCR)

APRC will fill all Foñi Wards except : Sintet Ward and Bantanjang Ward to be filled by NPP.

APRC will fill:




Pirang while

NPP will fill the rest of the Wards in WCR.

(4) NBR: NPP will fill all the Wards.

(5) CRR North :

NRP will fill: Nianija, Njau, Kaur and Panchang Wards and NPP will fill in the rest.

(6) CRR South : NPP will fill in all the Wards

(7) URR: NPP will fill in all the Wards


(8) LRR: NPP will fill in all the Wards.

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