NPP plans grand welcome as Barrow arrives in the Kombos


By Momodou Darboe

Supporters of the National People’s Party (NPP) are bracing for a grand welcome for President Adama Barrow and entourage expected to enter West Coast Region tomorrow from the neighbouring Lower River Region, revealed NPP regional chairman.

Alhaji Unda Nyang said the welcome awaiting the president today in the Kanifing municipality would only be rivalled by that of his return from Dakar after the 2016 disputed election.


The NPP regional chairman said President Barrow has positively touched the lives of Gambians in numerous ways that victory for him in the 2021 polls is “a forgone conclusion”.

Unda, who accompanied President Adama Barrow on his Meet the People Tour in parts of the countryside, enthused that he was excited about the size of the crowds that turned out to meet the president.

“Over 100 prominent elders turned out to meet the president in Essau. These are elders of timbre and calibre with high chances of increasing the president’s growth in popularity,” he stated.

Nyang, a former key lieutenant of Ousainu Darboe and the UDP, said Gambians are “very impressed with the level of improvements that this government brought and continues to bring to their lives and that is why they are going to repay President Adama Barrow by re-electing him in 2021”.

He gave multiple reasons why Gambians are not keen on retiring President Barrow before 2026. Among them he listed his intervention to solve the country’s epileptic power supply, the construction of the Senegambia Bridge, construction of bridges in URR, improved road networks, the Banjul road works, improved salaries for civil servants, and the Covid-19 relief packages.

“People are appreciative of all these strides,” he stated.

He concluded that his lecture to politicians has always been that the recipe for re-election to the presidency is development and that President Barrow has already situated himself in a comfortable position by taking development to Gambians.