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NPP scolds Essa Faal for proposing opposition coalition talks

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By Omar Bah

Following his proposal for the opposition to start coalition talks preferably under the initiative of PDOIS leader Halifa Sallah, former presidential hopeful Essa Faal has naturally came under criticism from the governing National People’s Party. The party’s communications secretary Sulayman Camara said Faal needs to be reminded that already the quality leadership he is yearning for has been achieved under President Barrow at the back of which he himself got a job he craved for, as the lead counsel at the TRRC.

Camara agreed with Mr Faal however that Halifa Sallah, together with Adama Barrow and others laid down their lives to take on the former dictator and restored democracy but he said Faal was nowhere in the country at that time.

 Camara said President Barrow stood for his country when things are iron hot.“Where was this so-called international lawyer Essa Faal ? Why should someone with even an iota of human decency made TRRC a springboard to acquire the presidency of this country. How can Essa Faal forget so soon?,” Camara asked.

He said why is Mr Faal who was seen distributing food during the Covid-19 era not distributing rice to the needy and the poor now if he thinks things are difficult in the country.

Camara said under President Barrow, Gambians are witnessing unprecedented development and the democratic space is not stifled and the people have regained confidence in “our judicial system”. “The NPP government shall never be distracted from the sacred duties given to them by the people of this country. Winston Churchill, the great British Prime Minister, once said: “If you want to throw a stone at every barking dog, you will never arrive at your destination”. You do the talking Mr Faal , President Barrow will do the work,” he concluded.

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