Olimatou Coker


Age: 24 
Status: Single
From: New Yundum
Star Sign:Capricorn
Languages you speak: Aku, Fula, Mandinka, English, Wolof
Pet or nickname: Angie
Place of work: Standard newspaper
Why journalism: I want to use my pen to promote the issues affecting the most vulnerable in society
Ideal partner: A handsome, caring man who will always stand by me and respect me.
Favourite politician: No comment!
Why no comment: Because as a journalist I am supposed to be neutral
Favourite pastime: Modelling
How do you spend your weekend: Cooking and taking care of my younger brother
One thing you would like to change: End poverty so that everyone will live in dignity
Favourite colour: White
Favourite author: Chinua Achebe
Last book read:Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
Dream: Own a fashion line
Dream holiday:New York City, chilling in the Big Apple!
Favourite quote: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
Favourite dish: Bitter leaf soup and fufu.
Favourite Gambian journalist: Saikou Jammeh
Best friend: Clare Demba
Favourite preacher:Dr Zakir Naik
Favourite celebrity: Gee
Favourite musician: Vypa.