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Monday, November 30, 2020

On bakers’ strike

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In many parts of the Gambia yesterday, there is an acute shortage of bread as the bakers have decided to embark on a sit down strike. They have not baked a loaf and the result is that many folks have found it difficult at breakfast.

This comes as a result of government’s decision to reduce the cost of a loaf of bread to six dalasis instead of the seven dalasis it was being sold for. The bakers claim that at six dalasis a loaf, they will not be able to cover cost of production.

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Government on the other hand is claiming that as taxes have been reduced and other production costs have also gone down, it is only fair that the cost of a loaf of bread is reduced in order to ease the burden on consumers.

Many citizens have taken to social media to condemn the actions of the bakers as unpatriotic. Others even claim that the bakers are largely foreigners and that is why they have resorted to this action.

Whatever the case, it is the poor and needy who are – will continue to – feel the financial pinch as they have to deep their hands into their shallow pockets to buy bread for breakfast and other uses.

It is necessary that government looks into this problem as quickly as possible to find a viable and lasting solution.

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