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On dangerous car racing in GBA: The problem is attitudinal, not qualification

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In the midst of a raging pandemic that has overwhelmed our healthcare system, a recurrent ill has once again reared its ugly head. The police announced on Sunday that a fatal car race on the Senegambia Strip resulted in the death of three people and several others injured.

“The accident which took place between Senegambia and Kotu on Saturday 1st August 2020 at around 02:30 hrs resulted in the death of three persons leaving others seriously injured.

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Preliminary investigations into the accident revealed that, a motor vehicle with registration number BJL 3639 R driven by 21-year-old Abdoulie Gaye was racing against another vehicle at such high speed that he lost control of the vehicle running into people alongside the road,” a police statement revealed.

Reckless driving, whether racing or not, has been a sad feature in road accidents in The Gambia for decades. Many people have lost their lives either as passengers or pedestrians due to irresponsible manners behind the wheel.

Barely a year ago, a similar dangerous activity happened around Kanifing when youths wildly went into car racing and, even more dangerously, the young drivers spinning and chasing people with the cars. It goes without saying the stupidity of that.

“The office of the Inspector General of Police has noticed with deep concern that some youths are in the business of dangerous car racing within kanifing and its surrounding areas.

It has been discovered that most of these youths use parents’ vehicles or sometimes rent vehicles from car rental services. Therefore, all vehicle owners, parents, and car rental services must take notice and proper care to ensure vehicles are not use for such purposes as most of them are without valid driver’s licence.

On Friday 5th October 2018 the Gambia police force through its mobile traffic unit during a patrol exercise arrested six individuals in connection to such dangerous driving activities.

The practice of car racing amounts to serious case of dangerous driving and people must desist from such with immediate effect as environment for such activities is currently not available.

The office of the IGP wishes to bring to the attention of the general public that, it is not against the development of any form of sports provided suitable environment is created for such sports without danger.

Furthermore, to ensure general security and public safety, the Gambia Police Force will no longer allow such activities,” the police said in 2018.

It is our considered view that parents should prevent their kids from driving especially during odd hours. Car rental services should also be strictly for responsible adults who wouldn’t go on a rampage taking innocent lives. To parents and guardians, manners are free; so instil them into your children! The problem is not whether they are qualified to drive or not; it is about their foolish attitude on the roads endangering innocent lives.

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