ORS: Army announce arrest of 37 suspects


By Amadou Jadama

Gambia Armed Forces’ Operation Restore Sanity taskforce has announced the arrest of 36 suspects during its month-long raid on hot spots around the Greater Banjul Area.

The Army told journalists yesterday that the operation launched by the Guards Battalion in Fajara has been a success.


The taskforce commander, Col Omar B Bojang said the 36 suspects were arrested in Serekunda City Pub, Sukuta, FajiKunda, Kerr Sering, Sinchu Alagie, Gunjur Madina Salam, Mandinaba and DippaKunda City Pub.

He said they were all handed over to the police.

Col Bojang said since the launch of the operation, incidents of late night break-ins and robberies have reduced.

“We conducted foot patrols in Bakau, Serekunda, Senegambia, Kombo North and other areas in the West Coast Region. These patrols have so far deterred to an extent the activities of criminals and bandits,” he noted.

He said the operation was able to restore sanity in hot spots like Brikama Durumakolong and Kotu Taban.

“The taskforce has apprehended individuals who were in possession of suspected illicit drugs and stolen materials,” he said.

He said the first operation patrols focused in Banjul, KMC and West Coast Region.

The taskforce, Col Bojang added, is committed to continue performing its duty to restore order in the country.

“I can assure Gambians that by the end of the second phase of the operation, banditry activities will be drastically reduced,” he said.