Our baby is walking



Dear editor,

As the baby we conceived and birthed is finding its walking feet on a rugged terrain, the chips are falling in place. The stars are well aligned.



Last year this time, we weren’t only fighting but praying that we overcome. through costly but relentless, committed and concerted efforts, we birthed a new nation.


The amount of goodwill, coupled with the vault of determined and motivated citizens – technocrats and politicians to lift the Gambia out of the ditch, there’s no way Barrow’s administration could fail.

For one, the expectation was to oust the tyrant and set the stage for cleansing. Then we had a topping, when the murderer got banished. And his remnants getting raked.


We’re having the world embrace our second coming in the family of respectable, civilized community of nations. They are happy to not only empathize with what we went through, but willing to extend hands of assistance. Loans and Grants! Fingers getting ringed!


That brought me to steady but effective registering of positive progress, daily.


Hon Ba Tambadou and Justice ministry, thank you for the path you’re setting for the country. Justice is a sure way of guaranteeing sustained peace. Jammeh robbed us, but you’re helping the recovery.


Hon Mai Ahmad Fatty and Interior Ministry, our sincere appreciation for combing the streets of alleged criminals – the murderous terrorists. Unearth the crimes, pursue and bring them to court.


Hon Lawyer Darboe and Foreign Ministry, we are not oblivious to the shift in paradigm, in our standing in the world. We are where we rightfully belong.

I’m certain the rest of the ministries are making equally significant strides. This is a 3-year marathon that should lay strong foundation for the long term.


Am I satisfied? No. Are we better off? Sure! As you learn to perfect your walk, take us through it all. Talk to and with us along the way. Do not be afraid of your imperfections. That’s for us all to work on. We’re interested in our baby maturing to don that graduation gown – fulfilment of our primary expectations.
Yahya’s assets are Gambia’s. Thank you, Ba!

Pata J Saidykhan