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PDOIS’s Adama Bah blasts gov’t for lack of leadership in fight against Covid-19

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By Omar Bah

Adama Bah, a senior member of the The People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) has accused the government of failing to show leadership in the fight against Covid-19.

Addressing PDOIS supporters at a socially- distanced meeting as part of the party’s outreach programmes in the Kololi area, Bah said: “The election year has come at a time of a pandemic- Covid-19. This is why in this meeting we sit the way we are sitting here wearing masks. We are not like those who come and tell you Covid-19 is here, do this and that, while they are not living up to what they preach.”

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 “What is even more serious, he went on, is that the Minister of Health was going around the country addressing crowds where many people are not wearing masks and didn’t say anything to discourage them from not wearing masks in public. PDOIS is not like that. We always look for what is right and do it. Ours is a party that doesn’t see things that could affect the people and push them onto it just because it wants to be in government,” Bah said. He further argued that there are many Gambians who don’t still understand politics and this is why PDOIS will continue to share the little it understands about politics with the people. “Our primary mission remains to eradicate poverty in this country. The majority of Gambians are farmers but people in the provinces are still living the way our ancestors were living; they sleep in wooden beds and they don’t even have toilets. The mission therefore remains to ensure that the country stands on its own because a country that seeks international support for whatever development it wants to bring about, cannot claim full independence,” he noted.

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