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Police express concern over strayed animals on public roads


Press release

The Office of the Inspector General of Police expresses concern over the increase in number of strayed animals on public roads across the country.
Strayed and street-roaming animals on major highways in the country have been recorded as one of the leading contributing factors to road accidents in The Gambia in recent times. Domesticated animals like cows, sheep, goats, donkeys, and fowl are often and more frequently seen on the motorways or crossing from one side of the public roads to another, causing accidents for some drivers.
Therefore, the Police command renews the call for all animal owners in the urban and provincial areas to control and refrain their animals from accessing the motorways, abruptly interrupting the traffic flow to cause avoidable accidents.
The public is herewith informed that failure to control and restrain one’s animals, allowing them to stray on public places and motorways causing accidents is an offense under the law.
The continued support and cooperation of the general public in promoting safety and security on public roads in The Gambia are appreciated.

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