Police get 28 new vehicles


By Omar Bah

The new Interior Minister Habib Saihou Drammeh on Friday handed over 28 new vehicles to the Gambia Police Force, as part of investment programmes initiated by his predecessor.
The Ministry of the Interior through former Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty had secured funds from the World Bank to help provide the police with functional front-line vehicles alongside modern communication gadgets.
The fleet which comprised 24 pick-up trucks and four station wagons were handed over at a ceremony held at the Kairaba Police Station.

While handing over the vehicles, the new Minister said security agencies under the ministry are logistically handicapped in providing adequate security to the country.
Drammeh said: “The new vehicles are mainly intended to show solidarity with the people we trusted with the responsibility to serve and protect us all as Gambians.”


A 1.5-million-dollar budgetary support deal was sealed in March by Drammeh’s predecessor Mai Ahmad Fatty when he approached a World Bank and IMF delegation about supporting Gambia law enforcement.
And according to Drammeh, internal peace, public security and social stability are extremely important for the ministry and the government.

He said: “Nothing is possible without peace and stability. We do hope that the 28 vehicles can help them in a modest way to fighting crime and provide better and more effective security protection for the residents in The Gambia, including the hardworking non-Gambian communities and individuals who contribute actively and positively to Gambia’s development and progress. I can assure you that more work will be done in this area in future.”

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior said his ministry is a reliable partner in development and will work to ensuring that the police and other law enforcement are well-equipped to do their job effectively.
Roger Bakurin, the chief fire officer of the Gambia Fire and Rescue Services thanked the government for the gesture and said the Gambia security forces will continue to support to reform agenda of the government.