Police get first-ever female spokesperson

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By Talibeh Hydara

Cadet ASP Binta Njie has been appointed as the new Public Relations Officer of the Gambia Police Force.

She replaced Superintendent Lamin Njie. “Yes, I can confirm that Cadet ASP Binta Njie, who recently returned from  studies in Nigeria, has been  appointed PRO of GPF. She replaced Superintendent  Lamin Njie  who has been redeployed to the community policing unit of the force as deputy Commander,” Deputy PRO Jamanka told The Standard. She is the first ever woman to be mouthpiece of the Gambia police, a feat praised by her predecessors.


David Kujabi, a former police spokesperson who served in the position for four years, described Binta as brilliant and articulate.

“I do not doubt Binta’s capability of efficiently handling the position of Police PRO and I urge the entire police force to give her the needed support,” Mr Kujabi told The Standard.

Foday Conta, another former spokesperson, lauded Ms Njie for her elevation and advised her to emulate her predecessors. 

“I know you can do it because you were there with me behind the scenes putting me through.

Please emulate the excellent work of PRO Supt. Lamin Njie and PRO Supt. David Kujabi who were superb and excellent throughout their tenure,” Conta wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Inspector Alieu Jamanka, the deputy PRO has been promoted to Chief Inspector of the Gambia Police Force and remains as deputy spokesman of the police.