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Police insist plastic rice rumour is false

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The office of the Inspector General of Police over weekend issued a statement stating that it has received series of complaints of alleged “plastic rice” sold in the Gambian market, which is believed to be false.

“Since the eruption of the rumour on the alleged ‘plastic rice’, the Gambia Police Force in collaboration with Food Safety & Quality Authority work diligently to ensure that the matter is thoroughly investigated. Based on the above, the GPF and FS&QA assigned Police intelligent officers and FS&QA food inspectors to gather facts with regards to the presence of the alleged ‘plastic rice’ in the Gambia,” the statement said

It added that various rice samples of the alleged “plastic rice” were collected from various shops and tested by the Food Safety & Quality Authority and preliminary investigations have indicated that, until this moment, neither the Gambia Police Force nor the Food Safety & Quality Authority have seen any alleged “plastic rice” in the Gambian market, and there is no plastic content in any of the samples collected.

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The statement concluded by assuring the public of the full commitment and preparedness of the Gambia Police Force in ensuring peace, safety and security for all Gambians and non-Gambians alike.

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