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Political leaders discuss new constitution


Members from all sides of the political divide were over the weekend called to a discussion at the Sir Dawda Jawara Conference Centre regarding the development of a new constitution for the country. The political party leaders are brought together to discuss and commit to democratic processes for creating a new constitution that reflects the aspirations of the people.
The brain behind the initiative is the International Institution for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA).
IDEA is a renowned organisation that assists governments in strengthening democracy and electoral systems. Their involvement highlights the importance of ensuring that the constitution aligns with international democratic standards.
The political leaders came together to discuss the way forward that will pave the way for inclusive decision-making and take into account diverse viewpoints. The collaborative approach will help to address various concerns and interests, giving the constitution a broader sense of legitimacy and acceptance.
The discussions, taking place at the Sir Dawda Jawara Conference Centre, present a promising opportunity to develop a new constitution that reflects the aspirations and values of the people. The political leaders, and IDEA are ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive process that can lead to effective and sustainable governance to usher in the Third Republic.
Source: Kemeseng Sanneh

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