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Principal Magistrate says thievery turning into trade in Gambia

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By Aisha Tamba

Principal Magistrate of the Kanifing Court Omar Jabang  yesterday alluded that thievery is turning into a trade in this country. He was addressing the court just before handing down sentence on one Alagie Modou Jallow who was convicted for stealing from a motor vehicle.

The magistrate warned that theft is very rampant in the court’s jurisdiction with thieves subjecting the society into terror. 

Magistrate Jabang said the matter is so bad that the society has lost trust and confidence in the criminal justice administration, thus turning themselves to mob justice administrators. “This is gradually eating up the peaceful society that this country is known for. Shall we stand to let that happen as a court? No. As a court we must accord all parties their right to fair hearing and also take stern measures to curb evil in the society. If the society realise that the criminal justice administration will take a firm stand in relation to thievery, the issue of mob justice will be a thing of the past. People cannot be sweating and working on their livelihood only for them to wake up and have it vanished into thin air by thieves.”  

The convict, Alhagie Modou Jallow was arraigned alongside one Baboucarr Sanneh who pleaded guilty for conspiring to commit felony and stealing from a motor vehicle in April and was sentenced to four years imprisonment accordingly, while Alhagie Modou Jallow pleaded not guilty hence the trial.

In passing judgment Magistrate Jabang pointed out that in as much as the convict is entitled to the mercy of the court, the society also needs protection from evil-thievery and therefore convicted and sentenced Mr. Jallow to five years imprisonment with hard labour.

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