Neneh Freda Gomez rearrested

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By Awa Macalo

Neneh Freda Gomez and colleague Lamin Sey of Global HOMM were rearrested yesterday and detained at Sene-Gambia Police Station.

Announcing her latest arrest on Facebook Neneh wrote: “Lamin Sey and I have just been arrested and brought to Senegambia Police station. I refuse to be intimidated because I am the voice beyond representation. Never again should mean Never again. Gambia and Gambians, I stand firm and committed to defend the constitution of our beloved Gambia.


This is the third time the duo has been arrested by police over a land dispute between the Gambia Government and Global HOMM.

There were first arrested alongside one Gilbert Manga at the property and charged in a court battle that saw the government changing its charge sheet on numerous occasions. The trio were later discharged after the government failed to put forward tangible evidence to try to convince the court. They later took the Government to the High Court which ruled that they were illegally detained.

Recently the high court awarded them D200, 000 damages after ruling that their arrest in November 2021 was unlawful and that their rights has been violated. Meanwhile journalist Yusuf Taylor of Gainako was also arrested and briefly detained.