Deputy Speaker addresses Non-Aligned Movement Parliamentary conference


The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Seedy SK Njie Friday told the Parliamentary Network of Non-Aligned Movement conference in Baku, Azerbaijan that The Gambia under President Adama Barrow is committed to the principles and ideals of the network. 

At least 50 parliaments around the world are meeting in Baku to discuss the crises of the world as well as proffer recommendations and solutions.

“It is indeed an honour and privilege for me to address this auspicious conference. I bring warm greetings from President Barrow, Hon Speaker and the distinguished people of the Gambia. It is abundantly clear that no country, regardless of size or resources, can solve global problems alone. That raises the stakes and the space for the NAM Parliamentary Network to engage, dialogue and collaborate with a view to finding global solutions to our common problems,” Njie told fellow parliamentarians.  


He challenged the committee to start work immediately to find solutions to the many challenges facing the world.

“I am quite confident that with the large membership of the Network, if we work together with sincerity, honesty and commitment, Parliamentary diplomacy can make a positive change,” he added.

Njie said the Gambia National Assembly made its bold decision to join the network following a thorough review of the current global situation including the very recent international conflicts and their multifaceted implications.

“We joined the movement in good faith with the unalloyed expectation that it will provide parliamentary support to the activities of NAM in overcoming existing complex, global challenges, and major problems of concern to all Member States. I wish to declare our unwavering commitment to the principles and objectives of the Non-Alignment Movement articulated in Bandung [1955], Belgrade [1961] and Havana [2009] and their relevance to achieve a world of peace, equality, non-interference, corporation and wellbeing for all and sundry,” he added.

The deputy speaker expressed hope that the Movement will recognize the difficult period humanity is going through where the international security system is being tested.