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The number of protests that took place since the new government came into power shows that our nascent democracy is maturing slowly.

However, the fact that it is still common for the police to refuse citizens permit to hold demonstrations is a cause for concern.

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Mostly, the police use the Public Order Act to deny would-be protesters the required permit and as a result, sometimes, some citizens take the law into their own hands and go out and march in defiance of the police.

The Public Order Act is one piece of legislation which was hotly contested even during the regime of Yahya Jammeh with some arguing that it was a colonial law used to suppress the people and called for it to be repealed.

However, the government of The Gambia says that it is used to keep the peace and ensure that there is law and order and that no one individual or group will disturb the peace.

The latest incident of young protesters in Brikama being arrested has again ignited the debate about this Act.

Will the government now seek measures to repeal it or find ways to strengthen it?

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