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Letters: IGP must release #OccupyBAC protesters

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Dear editor,

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The Gambia Police Force was using force and infringing on the fundamental rights of Gambians in Brikama right yesterday and that must stop.

If any casualties take place in Brikama it will be no one’s fault but IGP Alagie Mamour Jobe’s fault 100%!
The IGP must release all protesters and return their T-shirts forthwith!
I demand the IGP to remove all obstacles before #OccupyBAC protesters to allow them to demonstrate peacefully.

The IGP must protect both protesters and those that are not members of the protest.
I advise the organizers to gather all evidence of police brutality and misconduct in order to sue the IGP for unlawful conduct.

The IGP does not own The Gambia and he has no authority to prevent any Gambian from peacefully protesting against public institutions. The IGP is right now undermining democracy and good governance and protecting corrupt public institutions from accountability! This is unacceptable and unconstitutional behavior!

Madi Jobarteh
Boraba Village



#OccupyBAC is politically motivated

Dear editor,

#OccupyBAC is a politically motivated protest with an ulterior motive of vengeance as a result of Area Council Chair Sheriffo Sonko’s defection from UDP to BYM and not his inefficiency to deliver services as expected of his council as claimed by the organizers.

Therefore, the Police’s denial of a permit to protesters was wisely thought based on security reasons.

Yes, it’s our civic duty and a moral obligation as taxpayers to hold our elected representatives accountable but only if it is responsible, neccesary and not based on ego, hate and partisanship.

Sheriffo acquired that seat on a UDP ticket that not counting, he is there for everyone from WCR irrespective of who voted for him or voted not.

Besides, is Sheriff’s inefficiency a thing of today? Why was there no protest against him this time last year? Is he the only ineffective UDP chairman throughout the country?
If there are pressing things the people of WCR should roll out to the streets against at this point are; the abusive fishing activities in Kombo South and some areas in the North, the deforestation and illegal logging activities by the Chinese in bushes within the WCR.

Anyone who wants to make my region ungovernable will be punished accordingly. Brikama is not your Westfield for Idle Activists, Be warned!

Sadibou Badjie Bajagar
Bajagar Village

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