RAID talks on Tobacco Control Act


By Maimuna Sey-Jawo

RAID The Gambia, a registered national non-governmental organisation has beefed the Gambian media on the latest developments on the enactment of the Tobacco Control Act 2016.
According to RAID officials, the objective of the Act is to protect people from the devastating health-risks associated with tobacco.
“Tobacco have killed 3 to 4 Million people worldwide annually, and have killed nearly half of all its active users,” Mr Sambujang Conteh the executive director told journalists.
“80% of those who consume tobacco are from low and middle income earning countries, which Gambia is not an exception,”.
According to Sambujang, key part in this Act, is the tobacco smoke-free environment, which means the prohibition of smoking in all public places, tobacco product packaging and labelling.
Meanwhile, the program manager for Tobacco control, Omar Badjie said it is the collective effort of every Gambian, “to fight tobacco.”
“We should all mobilise our efforts,” he appealed.
RAID is designed to protect present and future generations of the Gambia from the devastating health, social and economic consequences of illicit substances and drug consumption through information, education and advocacy measures that helps to control the trafficking and use of drugs and illicit substances.