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Rallying for peace


Peace as the absence of violence and threat is a fundamental human right that must be guaranteed for each and every person, regardless of creed, social status or gender. The success of any society is based upon a holistic struggle for peace and relative security. The outcome of that struggle is the manifestation of many forms of human potential, thus providing a backdrop for the development of society and the promotion of life and existence, which is the most important thing a human being can be given and aspire for.


Millions have lost their lives to war and conflict during the last two decades. A countless number have been displaced and left without a place to call home. In the face of all these overwhelming statistics, the powers that be continue to sponsor and engage in war like never before. The world is under an existential threat since the ushering of modernity. The atomic and nuclear weapons that have been developed over the last fifty or so years have for the first time made it possible for wiping humanity out from planet earth in no over-stretched time. This fact though not lost on those powers that are engaged in warfare, is not a persistent urge that would bring a conscientious feeling which will disarm their brutal and aggressive line of thought.


We must not forget the ecological crisis which has since become another big problem in our midst. It is the outcome of human selfishness and corporate greed. It must be realised that this is part and parcel of the overall problem and if we are to achieve the promise and fullness of peace, we must address these greed too. There can be no peace when the ecosystem which we depend on so much is on the brink of utter destruction and oblivion. The issue of climate change must be a central part of the discourse on peace if we have to sustain out stay on this planet for a long time.


Another very key and fundamental issue in bringing equilibrium and balance in our quest for world peace is to address the theological misinterpretation that now faces our world. Fundamentalism is not the fault of any one religion. It manifest over time when the original teachings of the founders of those religions are eroding. Having people who will always use the religious emotion of the laymen to further their devilish agenda, the fundamentalism at most times arise from a sense of insecurity and selfish, worldly gains than it is upon piety and reverence of the teachings. To treat this very dangerous disease, there must be concerted efforts on the end of the more grounded and prophetically inclined scholars to teach the scripture as a source of love and mercy. The tradition of Islam calls the Muslim scholars as inheritors of the prophet. So they must execute that role and work hard to present to the upcoming generation a realistic path that is based upon the original teachings of the great Arabian Prophet.


Whiles world leaders talk more than ever before about sustainable development, more focus should be shown towards the actualisation of peace. There is no development or progress when there is lack of peace. Eventually all efforts that were invested towards the creation of a very detailed development in any given country can be wiped out in a day when conflict arises. Schools should teach students the values of peace and conflict resolution tactics. Pacesetting for peace and security is the only guarantee for a progressive society in a volatile world as ours. May peace prevail on earth.


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