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Rambo blasts UDP’s ‘hypocrisy’ over Yanks Darboe’s trial

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By Omar Bah

Reacting to criticisms around government’s decision to prosecute BAC chairman Yankuba Darboe for allegedly insulting the president and the judiciary, the deputy ambassador to South Africa and member of the APRC, Ousman Rambo Jatta has said he has now realised that the opposition UDP doesn’t love the country and the party has no interest to defend right or justice.

Speaking in an audio obtained by The Standard, Rambo said those criticising government over the issue are insincere, adding that he is particularly disappointed that most of the resentments are coming from the UDP.

“That party and its leadership are hypocrites and unreasonable bunch of people. How can Yankuba Darboe’s alleged deliberate insults against the person of the president and the country’s judiciary be justified by any reasonable person? Who is Yankuba Darboe to insult the president and our judiciary and you expect him to go unpunished,” Jatta charged. 

He dared the UDP supporters to come out on trial day, today. “What will happen to you will be worse than what happened to you during the Three Years Jotna protest. You people always want to disrupt the development of this country. You should change your style and understand that you don’t own this country,” he said.

Rambo said President Barrow has nothing to do with the case. “Yankuba Darboe is a lawyer and he knows what he has done is illegal that is why he is quiet,” he added.

He added: “Corrupt behaviours like these were the reasons why I stopped attending meetings hosted by the party leader Darboe even when I was the youth president at the time. You are blaming the current government now but what have you done when you were there at the beginning? Nothing”.

 Rambo also attacked journalists and activists accusing them of maintaining silence over anything against the UDP.

Rambo also said some Gambians in the diaspora are useless and have nothing to offer to the country.

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