Rawda urges Muslims to boycott SIC congress


By Amadou Jadama

Rawdatul Majaalis, the breakaway group of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council, has called on Muslims to boycott the planned congress from 9-10 announced by the Council.

In a statement shared with The Standard, Rawda said any election process that excluded the Majaalis and imams in the country will not be recognized. Baba Abubakar Drammeh, the president of the group, said: “The illegitimate Gambia Supreme Islamic Council has issued a notice informing the general public that its long overdue General Assembly will now take place from the 9-10 January 2021 but they intend to do so without the involvement of the Majaalis sects and imams from the country.


“Gambians must know the history of the Council. The founding president, the late Soriba Gassama, was appointed in 1992 by all the Majaalis sects and imams of The Gambia as well as his successors, the late Banding Drammeh and the current president, Muhammad Lamin Touray, were also elected likewise. In fact, in a bid to ensure a proper election process, the Independent Electoral Commission was engaged at some stages for its expertise.”

The head of Rawda said it is logical, fair and legitimate for the SIC to follow the same procedure in the election of any new president or executive, instead of resorting to an archaic, medieval and undemocratic means of selecting/electing officials.

“Rawdatul Majaalis shall explore, on behalf of the Majaalis sects and imams, all avenues to ensure that the Gambian Muslim community is represented by a legitimate body instituted according to a legitimate and transparent process,” the statement concluded.