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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Re: FTJ reacts to Darboe

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Dear editor,

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Please allow me once again to swiftly respond to Fabakary Tombong Jatta (FTJ) with regards to the above headline captured in your yesterday 28/06/17 issue of the Standard Newspaper. Though I wanted to ignore it but my conscience couldn’t let me.



Fabakary Tombong Jatta referred to the “killing, arrest and militarization of Kanilai and the freezing of former president Yahya Jammeh’s assets are not in any way a genuine move for reconciliation”. He further commented that “one needs to cross check people’s property before freezing it, because former president Jammeh has no idea of those accounts and properties frozen”.



I want to ask Fabakary (FTJ) a few questions only and would be very grateful to him if he honestly answers them:

1) Kanilai has been militarized for the past 22years, why didn’t he complain since then until now?



2) Why didn’t he complain about the mass arrests and killings of innocent people that were the order of the day for the past two decades until now?



3) Where was FTJ when former president Yahya Jammeh was freezing Sir Dawda Jawara’s properties and accounts back in 1994?



4) Can FTJ explain to the public the status of B.B.Darbo’s, Saihou Sabally’s, OJ’s, late Abou Denton’s properties and many others that were frozen and later confiscated by Yahya Jammeh?



5) Did his master, Yahya Jammeh cross check these people’s properties before freezing and confiscating them?



6) Where was FTJ when his master, Yahya Jammeh was discreetly confiscating and converting to his own use people’s landed properties at Batokunku, Tanji, Greater Banjul Area and other parts of the country?



7) Since Yahya Jammeh has no idea about those properties and accounts frozen as he puts it, then why is he (FTJ) so concerned about them?



Finally I would advise FTJ to devise another way of politicking than bothering people about the talk of Yahya Jammeh, who can only come back to rule this country when all of us are dead.



FTJ should in fact publicly apologise to Gambians for his role as an enabler of Yahya Jammeh by passing all the draconian laws at the National Assembly that suppressed Gambians for two decades and for his last role of attempting to subvert the will of the sovereign people of The Gambia.



He should thank God that Yahya Jammeh’s government is replaced by a democratic one where people, including himself, are freely expressing themselves now without any fear of intimidation.

Thanks for the space.

Lamin SS Touray
A concerned citizen

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