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Re: Gaza conflict

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I am very angry and frustrated over the bombings in Gaza. Over the past week or so, the world has witnessed the slaughter of Palestinian civilians by Benjamin Netanyahu and stood by half-heartedly because Palestinian corpses are viewed as “collateral damage” and thus dismissed as negligible. 

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These war crimes that are being committed by Netanyahu in Gaza have to stop immediately. It is important to note that the international community and institutions would not stand by idly if the tables were turned and the Palestinians were the ones killing Israeli civilians.

What pains me more aside from the murder of children, women and the elderly civilians, is the passivity of the rest of the Arab world (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, et cetera). What the Arabs fail to realise is that Israel has penetrated and corrupted their security and methodically destabilsed their countries. As it stands, no Arab country is immune to Israeli aggression.

Israel has become the cancer in the Middle East and will continue to systematically destroy the political, economic and social institutions in the Arab world.

Lastly, I called on the international community to strongly condemn and demand an immediate ceasefire to the atrocities being committed by Benjamin Netanyahu on the Palestinian people. This so called war, “Protective Edge”, has war crimes written all over Netanyahu. What does the International Community do with perpetrators of war crimes? The Hague!

Mariam (Abigail) Secka



My 6-point proposal for the final solution for a free Palestine


Dear editor,


The solution to the Palestinian crisis requires drastic and urgent actions that cannot be initiated and supported by the West but have to come from Arab states primarily and supported by the rest of the world. The sooner the world is aware of this and put it in place, then Israel will continue to have the carte blanche to exterminate the Palestinian people. Thus here are my six-point proposal for ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine. These are radical and urgent proposals because the situation in Palestine is radical and urgent.

 1. UK to be held to account to initiate a solution

 Up to the time of 1917 going to 1947, it was the UK that had mandate over Palestine, and who initiated and supported the creation of the State of Israel in total disregard of the rights and welfare of the Palestinians. Thus the world must hold the UK as the single most important culprit for this mess. All those who campaign for Free Palestine, must use local and international law and institutions to put pressure on the UK Government to correct this mess in fulfillment of the rights of Palestinians. Sanctions, boycotts, petitions, demonstrations and other positive actions must be directed at the UK Government and British companies and other institutions until the UK establishment own up to their bad judgement and correct this intolerable situation.

 2. Arab countries and others to arm Hamas and defend Palestine militarily

Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and Jordan and with others such as Turkey, Iran, South Africa, Nigeria and Indonesia with other justice loving nations must equip Palestinian freedom fighters with weapons and deploy their soldiers in Gaza and West Bank for a direct showdown with Israel. If these Arab and non-Arab countries take this position, the crisis will end immediately because ultimately Israel knows it cannot contain such a force, and the US also knows that such an action will affect global oil prices and their control and influence in the region and the world, which they will not want to lose. If the US and Israel and UK want to still fight for it, it will draw in Russia and China thus effectively leading to the 1st Nuclear World War which will force the rest of the world to seek restraint. This is the best solution available. This is not an outrageous idea because already US, UK and EU are supporting Israel militarily, financially and morally to the best of their ability. No human life is more or less worthy than another life!

 3. Arab States and others to cut diplomatic relations and impose sanctions on UK, US and EU

The Arab countries must immediately sever all diplomatic, financial and economic ties with the UK, US, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia and Canada among other Western nations so long as they support Israel and condemn Palestinians for their resistance. The Gulf States must also put sanctions on these Western nations for their support for state terrorism by Israel. The Palestinian crisis is an extreme situation and it requires extreme solutions. Peace talks and UN resolutions alone will not solve this issue because the entire West is backing Israel, which does not care about the UN. The matter has now got to a stage where the Arab states, supported by Africa and China and Russia must make a deliberate step to put these Western nations in line and on the path of justice. How can US and EU support Ukraine against Russia, yet refuse to support Palestine against Israel? 

 4. To take Western and Israeli leaders before the ICC

NGOs, the Gulf states, African Union and other governments, think tanks and research institutions and experts must begin the collection and documentation of relevant data as evidence to present to the ICC to indict the Israeli leadership, Pres. Barrack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameroun for crimes against humanity being committed by Israel in Palestine. The US and UK has provided weapons of mass destruction to the Israeli government to use against defenseless women and children as the current massacre is manifesting in Palestine. 

5. To launch a massive reconstruction and economic plan for Palestine

The Gulf states, UK, US ad EU must fund a massive economic reconstruction plan for Palestine. This should come within the framework of supporting a unified Palestinian government and providing a trillion US dollars for the rebuilding of Gaza and providing economic opportunities for the Palestinians. In this regard the UN and the entire international community must recognise Hamas as a legitimate national Palestinian liberation organisation, and withdraw the categorisation of Hamas as a terrorist organisation. 

6. Declare the Independent Republic of Palestine

 The Arab states supported by Africa, Asia and South America and the Nordic countries must sponsor a resolution in the next UN General Assembly for the declaration of the Independent State of Palestine, i.e. in September 2014. The world must completely ignore and strongly condemn the UK, EU and US for their unsurprising and unreasonable objection to this resolution. The 1967 borders must prevail and Palestine must unify all armed groups into the National Army of Palestine to be equipped, trained and supplied with weapons by the international community to defend their land and people.

Madi Jobarteh



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