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Re-OJ urges gov’t to lift ban on gambling

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Allow me to say bravo to OJ for calling on the government to lift ban on gambling, as was published on your Monday edition. OJ came with the truth that need a very thinkable answer.


Alex Bantang

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On the killing of Ya Binta Jarjue

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Dear editor,


Death in this manner, as had happened during the weekend when the security shot dead Ya Binta Jarjue, is tragic. All must endeavour to avoid its recurrence. However, let us not blame the security forces yet. If the initial reports are anything to go by, it seems like the security forces have applied ‘Rules of Engagement’ correctly before the fatal shooting. To substantiate the Police PROs claim and also to rubbish any claims of foul play, an independent inquiry must be convened to establish the truth. May Allah grant the deceased the best place in heaven.


Name withheld 



Re-killing of Ya Binta Jarjue


I expect all who sympathise with a fellow citizen killed, in the person of Ya Binta Jarjue, should have first insisted on thorough investigation and holding the security personnel to account.

Rushing to defend the security agents is a disservice to Ms Jarju and her family. 

So, what should be the consequence of this unnecessary tragedy? 





Re-Janjanbureh goes to polls


Dear editor,


Janjanbureh Island will on Thursday March 12 go to the polls to choose, democratically, between seasoned politician, Kebba Yorro Manneh, and Ebrima Sarjo in the parliamentary by-election, following the demise of the long-serving National Assembly Member, Foday Jibani Manka.

It is indeed the most significant decision making to be taken on Thursday. It is time for our people to make the right decision. It doesn’t matter whether it is  APRC or NRP. What is important is to elect the right person to represent us.

If you vote on family ties or party affiliation and elect the wrong person for the job, you will be contributing to the sinking of Janjanbureh into a deep blue sea. But if you vote on the individual’s vision, mission and uprightness, then you will be contributing positively to the prosperity of Janjanbureh.

I grew up on the Island and I have seen so many foul things happened. The people are always scared to challenge the authorities on the mistakes they make. They would prefer to sit at the ‘Bantaba’, or corner shops and gossip, rather than face them to say the truth.

It is up to us now to rally behind the right candidate. Don’t consider he is your family member, friend, et cetera. Consider the interest of Janjanbureh.

Tell me, how many of our former National Assembly Members communicate with the electorate so as to hear their sentiments and grievances? Our NAMs, from 1997 to 2015, lack inspiration, confidence and openness. And what do we do? We gossip them in private, while they keep enjoying the fruits of our labour. When we meet them, we praise them.

Now, KYM or Ebrima Sarjo – one will be declared winner on Thursday. So voters, be careful and remember ‘Elections are free but never fair’.


Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan

Sanchaba Sulayjobe


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