Resignation will set a bad precedence –Seedy Njie


By Alagie Manneh

APRC spokesperson Seedy Njie has said that bowing to the resignation demand of the striking doctors will set a bad precedence for the government.
Speaking to The Standard on the ongoing doctors strike,
Mr Njie said it would be “a bad omen” for any government to accept a minister to resign “just because some people made a sustained call” for it.

“It would set a very bad precedence for the government of President Adama Barrow because when that happens, anybody can jump up from anywhere and start making demands or cause an uproar or confusion within a particular ministry, department or institution and endanger job security and safety of Gambians and thereby bringing the government to a complete halt. It might even lead to the collapse of government,” he stated.


Mr Njie said he admitted that the crisis “is a very delicate situation” for the government, but added, “common interest must always take precedence.”
He called on the president and his entire cabinet “to take this issue seriously and solve it once and for all.”
He called on the minister to come out and “issue an unreserved apology”, saying her previous attempt to say sorry felt like “she was neither here nor there.”

“She should just come out and say ‘doctors, to be honest with you I wasn’t referring to you but if you feel I was, then I want to apologise to all of you and the Gambian people. So that we move forward towards national development.”