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Rumours of Covid-19 vaccine scaring mothers from attending clinics

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Health authorities have expressed concern that because of unfounded rumours scaring people about the availability of a dangerous Covid-19 vaccine, mothers are not visiting health facilities to vaccinate their children against other diseases. They warned that this can lead to a surge in the prevalence of such diseases in children.

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A statement from the Pediatric Association issued recently reads:
“It has come to the notice of the Paediatric Association of the Gambia that the turnout at the immunization centers around the country is very low due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Association is deeply concerned as this could lead to an outbreak of Vaccine Preventable Diseases like Measles, Polio, Invasive Pneumococcal and Heamophilus influenzae B compounding the effect of Covid 19 Pandemic.

The Paediatric Association of the Gambia urges all parents and caregivers to ensure that their children received routine immunizations as Scheduled to avert disease outbreak from Vaccine Preventable Diseases.
The immunization centers are encouraged to maintain social distancing and hand washing during immunization clinics.”

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