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Russian Consul Manga inspires kids at Children’s Day of Broadcasting

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Samsideen Ceesay

Lamin Manga, the Russian Consul in The Gambia who also doubles as chairperson, board of directors, Young People in the Media (YPM), has inspired young talents at the recent International Children’s Day of Broadcasting organized by YPM in collaboration with Child Fund Gambia.
The day was celebrated under the theme “empowering children in a digital world through effective communication”.
The celebrated broadcaster spoke on the need to recognize the significant role played by children in shaping a brighter future for each country.
He said children, despite being young, should be placed atthe forefront of our development agenda in order to prepare them for the future.
Manga said children are usually seen as people without great ideas, that they cannot have a voice to contribute positively towards nations building. “Thus this has resulted in adults taking decisions and making choices for and on behalf of children, some of which are sometimes not in their best interest. For this reason, the Young People in the Media will be launching the “Girl in ITC Campaign” in support of the girl child in advocacy and the media. This campaign will ensure that boys support their female counterparts to raise awareness on issues affecting girls using the media,” he said.
The YPM board chairperson also spoke at length on the many problems that continue to affect the lives of children in The Gambia and elsewhere in the world, saying “we must labour to find solutions to these problems. Children are used as child soldiers and wives in senseless adult conflicts, deprived of their livelihood, education, smooth and uninterrupted growth and development as well as the right to enjoy their childhood.”
In The Gambia, he noted, children face different kind of abuses including physical, sexual and emotional abuse, “thus they are at times deprived of the right to education, exposed to extreme negative condition in work places etc and in most instances, the girl child suffers the most as possibility of been given away to a husband she knows not and not prepared for the roles of becoming a wife. This and many others are what children face on a daily basis.”
He called on people and nations to reflect on the plight of children and work towards resolving them in order to give children a better life.
The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting is one of UNICEF’s most successful advocacy initiatives. It supports some of the world’s most powerful and influential broadcasting organizations and broadcasters from all over the world to allow children space in their media outlets.

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