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Sabally tells Nuimi to ignore NPP’s ‘deceptive politics’

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By Omar Bah

The national campaign manager of the opposition United Democratic Party on Saturday told the people of Nuimi to avoid falling for NPP’s deceitful politics in the upcoming local government elections.

Addressing a political meeting in Bakalarr village, Upper Nuimi, Momodou Sabally said the people of Nuimi should realise that their suffering has only increased under the President Adama Barrow administration.

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“They have not done anything for you and yet they continue to make things even more difficult for you. The president promised to construct a bridge between Banjul and Barra but instead of constructing a bridge they went ahead and increased the cost of the ferry crossing,” he said.

Sabally expressed dismay with the condition of the settlement, saying the increase in charges at the Banjul-Barra crossing point will only add salt to the wound of the poor and vulnerable in the area.

“Six years ago, President Barrow told you he will bridge Banjul-Barra to ease your crossing burdens. However, we have not seen any bridge to date but they have increased tariffs for you at the crossing point to make your movements even more difficult,” he charged.

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He added that if it wasn’t for the government’s wasteful spending of grants the country benefited from abroad over the years, President Barrow would have left a mark in terms of development.

“About $1.5 million was given to the current government over the past six years but they failed to properly utilise it. These monies were mismanaged by few individuals to the detriment of poor women gardeners and young people in Nuimi and other parts of the country. They could have used those resources to fence your gardens, provide you with fertilizers and invest heavily in the education system to better prepare your children,” he said.

He further charged that President Barrow has fooled the Gambian people during the last presidential election with his unending promises that he cannot keep.

“He fooled you (Nuimi) with the construction of the bridge knowing very well that he had no plans in place to do so. This is enough reason for you to ignore his candidate in the upcoming local government elections,” he said.

The president performed very well in Nuimi during the last presidential and National Assembly elections. The NPP won all the three constituencies.  But Sabally said the president has nothing to brag about in Nuimi as his government’s accomplishment. Sabally is busy criss-crossing the length and breadth of the country preparing the ground for the UDP ahead of the local government elections.

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