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Sankareh fibbing?

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Dear Editor,

Our beloved country The Gambia is only known for peace, love and unity. What Mr Sankareh did is a huge crime to our constitution. The president should disassociate himself from such people who are only undermining his authority because this a huge shame as a whole presidential spokesman giving such dangerous information when the police investigation is on. This is a threat to the peace and sovereignty of our beloved nation The Gambia. Steps should be taken against this actions by Sankareh as enough is enough. This man has said so many unfounded stories.

Ebrima Jarju

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Dear Editor,

In present-day Gambia,  we’ve got to be careful with fibbers who would fib and still feature an okay of countenance on their fat faces. Their commands would continue to contravene good governance and natural justice for human survival. May Allah instruct His angels to peacefully watch over the decent souls of our fallen police officers and grant them jannatul firrdaus. They are gone but we shall forever live with their blessed memories of services to the nation.

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Ousman Jawla


Dear Editor,

Whatever Ebrima Sankareh said presumably came from the security services. Whatever Deputy Inspector General Sowe said came from the same security services. Less there’s a power struggle between the police and the SIS, Sankareh and Sowe said the same things. It just happened that the initial narrative in the public domain had to be changed because it never made any sense.

Both Sankareh and DIG Sowe’s narratives are a classic case of making things up on the hoof – inventing evidence rather than following the evidence to solve the crime. That’s unacceptable.

I don’t know why some people are making it as if Sankareh said anything different from what DIG Sowe said. Overall, something is glaringly missing and not adding up from the information in the public domain from both DIG Sowe and Sankareh about what happened on that terrible day.

Clearly, the unfortunate incident is being used toward inventing a narrative, a political narrative against the UDP and Yankuba Darboe.

And it’s not Sankareh who’s framing the narrative to implicate the UDP.

The story from the police and Sankareh is far from convincing and more is yet to come out.

Why are the police politicising a very serious crime where two lives were lost?

Why was Sankareh allowed to make public statements on criminal matters that solely the police should be informing and briefing the general public including the government?

For the first time, we saw DIG Sowe hold a press conference, why?

And from how DIG Sowe was talking, you could tell he has a dog in whatever is happening using the terrible incident to frame a narrative, a political narrative.

But the UDP cannot decouple the unofficial version from the official, the legal and binding in its political argy-bargy with President Barrow.

There’s a President Barrow the president of The Gambia and President Barrow leader of the NPP. The UDP should engage and take on the President Barrow president of The Gambia.

The police and Sankareh should conduct themselves within the powers vested in them by law as public servants.

Sankareh should not be making statements to the public on affairs solely of policing duties, public safety and responsibilities.

And DIG Sowe ought to know better – from the way Sowe speaks English, you can tell his level of awareness and intelligence – the tone of his language, body language and general comportment, very unprofessional.

The UDP has every political right to resist any form of political oppression and suppression in The Gambia misusing the Office of the President, the security services and the courts.

The narrative and context are the key and the UDP should not allowed to be scapegoated.

The UDP should engage President Barrow, the security services and the courts as institutions of the state based on the law and evidence within the parameters of democracy.

Sankareh and DIG Sowe can say whatever they want but where’s the evidence?

The narrative of the incident is changing faster than the mind of a con on

 artist and the suspect is in police custody. What the hell is going on?

Sankareh, DIG Sowe and the courts must have to understand that they are public institutions and individuals employed by the public, paid by the public and supposed to serve the public.

President Barrow, DIG Sowe and the courts must serve the public and the public interest or the UDP should resist and refuse to recognise any undemocratic and illegal directives from anyone who failed to differentiate between their personal political persuasions from their positions in public office.

We can’t allow another dictatorship in The Gambia misusing the office of the president, the security services and the courts.

Never again! But again for me personally, what’s the agenda? What’s the alternative? What are we fighting for?

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang

Scotland, UK

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