By Kebba Camara Former Nominated Member and APRC spokesperson, Seedy SK Njie, who is fighting a grueling battle to win the seat of Nianija in the coming National Assembly election, has predicted that the opposition APRC will win most of the seats it is contesting. ” We shall win the majority of seats and invite our leader back,” he told The Standard on his campaign trail. Mr Njie is up against incumbent Habsana Jallow who quit the APRC to contest on PDOIS ticket, Ebrima S Jallow of the PPP, Hammet SK Mannneh of GDC, Babacarr Cham an Independent candidate and Amadou Tijan Camara of the NRP. Speaking to The Standard on the campaign trail, Seedy Njie vowed that he will win the contest for the seat of Nianija because the good development record of the APRC makes it easy to sell their candidates. “We build the roads, hospitals and other major developments in the country so people are not fools. I am 100 per cent sure APRC will win all the seats they have candidates in and we will soon invite our leader, the Ex-President to come and become our flagbearer. I think I should also tell you that President Barrow is utilizing the projects we have started; most of the projects they are talking about were started by us. They are just continuing our projects,” Njie said. Seedy Njie accused most of his opponents of being poorly educated. “Go and interview them and see, they can’t even speak English. I am the most popular man here and the most educated. I went up to the University of The Gambia and studied law; they are half-educated. How can you run for National Assembly election? Let them go and get proper education first.” When asked who is sponsoring his campaign, he said he is sponsored by the party leader. Asked about the recent closure of the APRC bureau at Kanifing, Njie said that act is a witch-hunt. “But we have a lot of bureaus around the country,” he said. Asked about his PDOIS opponent, the former MP Habsana Jallow, Seedy SK Njie said: ”I introduced Habsana into politics. “We did all the campaign for her and introduced her to the president and formally introduced her to APRC party. You can see they are young and cannot compete with me.” However, his opponents who spoke to The Standard said Mr Njie has the slimmest chance of victory and again that’s because of his APRC.]]>