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Senegal: Ex minister Samuel Sarr arrested

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The former liberal minister who claims to be an “eternal Wadist” on Monday published bank statements dated June 2007 attributing a fortune of CFA 7 billion to President Sall while he was prime minister.

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Senegal’s penal code provides that “offending the President of the Republic through one of the means set forth in section 248 (broadcasting, television, cinema, press, posters, exhibition, all kinds of writings or images distribution, speeches, songs, shouting or threats uttered in public or gatherings places and generally any technical method aiming at reaching the public) shall be punishable by incarceration from six months to two years and a fine amounting from CFA 100,000 to CFA 1,500,000 or one of these sentences”.

Sarr is a Gambian-Senegalese who was based and worked here before relocating to Dakar where he soon became a close ally and protégé of his fellow Mouride politician, Abdoulaye Wade.


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