Senegalese opposition unite against Sall ahead of July elections


By Alpha Kamara
Dakar, Senegal

Over ten opposition political parties in Senegal have formed an anti-government coalition ahead of elections scheduled for July.
Coalition leaders say the new grouping’s aim is to “give freedom” to the Senegalese people and end the rule of President Macky Sall’s Alliance for the Republic party.

It comprises key opposition leaders, including Karim Wade, Mayor Kalifa Sall and Mayor Bamba Fall who have all fallen out with the Sall, president since 2012.
Abraham Samakeh, social networking coordinator of the opposition Party Democratic de Senegal (PDS), told Anadolu Agency their aim was to fight and win a majority in the national legislative elections.


The new coalition is named Manko Thakao Senegal — which means “to take care of Senegal” in the local Wolof language — and aims to “give freedom to the Senegalese people and fight against injustice including the illegal arrest and detention of opposition leaders”, said Samakeh.

“Even though we have not yet selected a leader, I can say we have competent leaders like Karim Wade, Mayor Kalifa Sall and Mayor Bamba Fall,” Samakeh added.
All the leaders of the new coalition have one way or the other been prosecuted by the government on allegations of corruption and embezzlement.
Karim Wade, who heads the opposition PDS, is living in exile in Dubai after he was pardoned by Sall in June last year after being jailed for three years on corruption charges.