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Monday, January 25, 2021


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This was after the Supreme Court authorised a discontinuation of his stay in the country.

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The initial attempt to deport Mr Bayo was delayed by Senegalese authorities last week. His arrest and detention in Senegal where he has been resident for several months, follows last month’s armed attack on State House by a group of Gambians based in the West. He leads a political grouping, the so-called National Transitional Council of The Gambia, which was formed in Senegal in 2012. 

Bayo and his cohorts have constantly threatened to remove President Jammeh from power by violent means. In the days leading to the State House attack, he issued several statements published in mainstream Senegalese and dissident Gambian online newspapers, calling on Gambian soldiers to rise against the democratically-elected government of President Jammeh. 

Sidiya Bayo who is scheduled to be deported by the Senegalese authorities since Wednesday has managed to delay his expulsion after he claimed to have lost his passport.


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