Sillaba says he’ll sacrifice last pint of blood for Barrow


By Bruce Asemota

Businessman-cum-political activist, Sillaba Samateh, has said he will back President Adama Barrow with the last pint of his blood and would do anything within his powers to make sure that he wins the 2021 presidential election.

Samateh, a leading sponsor and vanguard of the two-decade old “struggle” to remove former president Jammeh, said he has been made patron of President Barrow’s National Peoples Party (NPP) kafolu across the country.


He told The Standard: “The NPP is a new party, but it has a future. We do not have money in The Gambia but we have peace which we cherish. President Barrow came, restored it and is sustaining it after President Jammeh took it away from us for 22 years.”

He said Gambians should give chance to President Barrow to nourish his germinating development plans to fruition and prove his leadership mettle and qualities.

“Gambians no longer live under fear unlike in the times of President Yahya Jammeh which was characterised by rampant imprisonment, disappearances and killings of innocent Gambians. I am therefore calling on peace-loving Gambians to rally behind President Barrow and vote him to victory in the 2021 presidential election,” the Gambian-Dutch businessman concluded.